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Have you ever been excited about having a regular devotional time with your spouse, only to end up feeling distracted, frustrated, or misunderstood after your time together? While most women are energized by the idea of going through a couples’ devotional, best-selling author and marriage expert Dr. Emerson Eggerichs has observed that many men feel the opposite.


"“The typical husband just doesn’t find the standard devotional book for couples that interesting-or that friendly. After trying it a few times, he just sort of finds other things to do,” says Emerson."

How is This 52-Week Devotional Different?

After surveying thousands of couples about their top concerns and struggles, Emerson has crafted a fifty-two week devotional that will appeal to both wives and husbands as they seek to listen to what God has to say to them.

Each brief devotional, designed to fit into busy lifestyles, review the core principles of Love & Respect while inviting you to discover what God’s Word has to say to you individually, then to you has a couple. Because each couple is different, Emerson gives practical, helpful advice and direction for making this devotional work for your marriage.

Some User Comments

"My wife and I facilitate L&R classes and always recommend this. We continue to go back through it once we finish it and we use it daily – not weekly. It never gets old. Each devotion is a great reminder."

"When my wife...first pulled out the book and looked at me, I can honestly say my spirit deflated. I immediately thought, “Oh now, after a long day at the office, she’s gonna want me to reflect on a scripture passage and pour out my heart and soul about how I don’t measure up.” After she read the introduction, I regained HOPE! EE nailed it – let’s take this a little at a time and even do some of the introspection on our own – vertical first, horizontal next…"

What's It Like?

  • 52 Devotionals
  • For Husband and Wife
  • Scripture Verse
  • Emerson's Commentary
  • Sample Prayer
  • Action Item
  • Synthetic Leather - Feels Great!



  • 60 pages of Discussion Questions
  • The Three Cycles of Love & Respect
  • Devotions For Married Couples: Command or Option?
  • Where To Get Help For Sexual or Financial Problems




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