Building Blocks


What Will You Learn?

Pink and Blue: Not Wrong, Just Different

Session 1 - 39 min.

She says, “I have nothing to wear.”
He says, “I have nothing to wear.”
How can two people say the same thing, but mean something totally different?

Hollywood or Holy Word?

Session 2 - 25 min.

Whose voice are you listening to: Hollywood or God’s Holy Word?

80:20 Ratio

Session 3 - 41 min.

God’s Word says, if we marry, we will have trouble.

This begs the question: What kind of trouble do good-willed people have?

Not Communication But Mutual Understanding

Session 4 - 33 min.

Learning to speak and understand your spouse’s language
leads to mutual understanding.

My Response Is My Responsibility

Session 5 - 39 min.

There is power and freedom that comes in understanding that no one can cause you to react a certain way. It is your choice.

Review of the 5 Concepts

Session 6 - 25 min.

Bonus insights for the five catch phrases of Building Blocks Vol. 1

What Else Is Included?

Study Guide Download (95 pages)

"How To" Section Plus Participant Guidelines

Special Note From Emerson

Key Scripture Verses

Leader's Guidelines

Weekly Challenge Slips

What Are Your Options?

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"This seminar in a small group format is a great idea where conversations intertwine...supported by video material and personal reflections. This is very effective in my opinion. I was personally impacted by the lesson “The 80:20 Ratio”, and especially the fifth lesson, "My Response is My Responsibility." In between sessions I tried to put into practice on the “open sea” what we were learning. It works! Of course, this is not a magic wand, but a very effective tool that actually demonstrates its usefulness only through practice."

"The love and respect course brought something nice in our relationship, which we did not even expect, because we did not know if we would hear anything new. I was cheering for the course because when I read the description I instinctively felt that we needed it. Although I had to start encouraging my husband to participate in the beginning, I must admit that during the course he became a major initiator of discussions and "homework", which enthused me and pleasantly surprised me. I noticed how strongly the content spoke to my husband and how it opened his heart, and helped him to express things he either did not know or know how to say it. We experienced each meeting like unwrapping a delicious candy that we enjoyed and savored ...The meetings were very pleasant, nothing intrusive, filled with a dice [sic] of humor and the richness of real experiences."

"…I have been thinking about doing something for our marriage for some time, but my husband was not in favor. He was always bothered by the method—one on one, and of course, the financial aspect. He decided to try Building Blocks primarily because the course was practically free. After five years this was our first planned and regular time away doing something for the two of us. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the religious aspect, since my husband has practically no experience or a negative attitude towards religion. But it turned out to be completely acceptable, probably because you do not reinforce it…My husband rarely wanted to think about these things—he thought it was meaningless. He heard things for the first time in Building Blocks and discovered things he never talked about before. Certain truths really inspired him and consequently, me too. We both remember lesson five: My Response is My Responsibility. It made the greatest impression on us. In fact, I think I will write this on the wall in the bedroom! Perhaps the most valuable insight for both is the fact that we are not alone in our troubles and that others have very similar challenges…"

"...When I look back, it seems to me that the individual lessons were so created that the tension increases with each lesson. It was like a good criminal novel. I found myself in every lesson. Although I had already heard certain content, I experienced them in a completely different way. Maybe more mature. Then came the fifth lesson: My Response is My Responsibility. BAM! The content hit me like "a-ton-of-bricks”, as if it was written for me personally. This lesson exposed my biggest challenge, which has crippled me for many years. Of course, this does not mean my problem with wrong responses will be solved overnight. If I rely on God's Word and ask for the help from the Holy Spirit then it will be easier."


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