15 Day Plan - Video Version

*Email will be sent with immediate access to intro video and instructions.

**First video will come TOMORROW and then one every other day until you have received all 7 (80 minutes of video).

***When finished with the plan you will have unlimited access to all videos and content anytime, anywhere.

The 7 Principles

1. Do the #1 thing in a conversation that according to research can most help your relationship.

2. Apply the 60-second test toward your spouse that reveals the power you have to influence the relationship.

3. See a pink and blue difference that many have testified was an Ah-ha moment that changed their marriage for the better.

4. Recognize that the method you use to motivate your spouse could be having the opposite effect you intend, even though you have goodwill.

5. Jump off what I call the Crazy Cycle that you keep spinning on because you innocently overlook decoding why you and your spouse react to each other.

6. Soften the spirit of your spouse by writing a few sentences in a note that I will help you write.

7. Understand the powerful significance and joy of giving your spouse what they need but do not deserve.

$25.00 USD