Our Present Distress

Embracing God's Call and Comfort

Join Dr. Emerson Eggerichs for this 4 part series as he explores a time when the early church faced a "Present Distress" similar to our situation today.

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A Timely Video Series

What Is Our Present Distress?

We read in 1 Corinthians 7:26 about “the present distress.” The church at Corinth encountered some type of grave adversity. Are you or is someone about whom you have concern experiencing some kind of hardship? Emerson invites us to do two specific things as a couple or in a small group that prepares us to navigate the trouble in front of us.

A Reason To Embrace God's Call And Comfort

What does God expect us to do during our “present distress”? God invites us to embrace two precious truths that He reveals from His heart to our hearts. Emerson reminds us that no matter our “condition” (1 Corinthians 7:20,24), that distress in any condition serves as a springboard for us to encounter two wonderful realities.

How Do We Embrace God's Call And Comfort? - Part 1

The Bible unfolds a profound truth: God has a calling on each one of us. Nine times in 1 Corinthians 7, Paul reminds us of this call (kaleĊ). Almost every Christ-follower Emerson has asked, “Do you believe God has such a call on your life?” has answered, “Yes.” In this session, Emerson shares how to embrace this call by navigating the #1 obstacle that blocks this call to some in their present distress.

How Do We Embrace God's Call And Comfort? - Part 2

Emerson shares how to embrace God’s call (1 Corinthians 7) by acting on God’s gift to us, which enables us to navigate our present distress. Do we know of this gift? He then turns his attention to a second truth to embrace in hardship: God’s comfort (2 Corinthians 1). The Corinthians missed this at Paul’s first writing. We can take no notice, too, when we overlook two insights that trigger God’s comfort.

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  • 4 Sessions | 60+ Minutes
  • Workbook Download
  • Discussion Questions