The Illumination Project

"The Illumination Project is undeniably going to help our generation understand relationships. Joy is hilarious and has such great insight into the Love and Respect message. I am proud to call her a friend!"

Rachel Cruze
Speaker and Author of Smart Money, Smart Kids

"They are humble teachers who teach from their mistakes and their trials with this message. I felt like it was really practical, kind of like they were coming alongside us. It felt real."

Shannon White - Unmarried 30s

"Our home group is predominantly married with teens, but there are some divorced and singles and retired. What we liked about TIP is that it wasn’t the usual fill-in-the-blank video presentation."

Ken and Jeniffer Deneault

"The Illumination Project is literally going to help so many people. I love seeing those in our generation step up to communicate these timeless truths in ways our friends would appreciate. So thank you."

Gabe Lyons
Founder of Q and Author of The Next Christians

"One thing that I just love about The Illumination Project, what makes it unique, is that you have these two different generations being represented in Emerson and Joy. With Emerson, you have his wisdom and years of writing on this stuff and traveling and counseling couples through marriage, and so you have his passion and his truth. But on the other hand, you have Joy representing the younger crowd, and she makes it relevant and brings her passion and charisma, and the real-life context that we young people are up against. And that synergetic relationship working together is really a phenomenal dynamic to watch. Not to mention: People want to talk about this. They want to talk about love and romance and dating and marriage."

Ian Nelson
Pastor at Solid Rock Church in Portland, OR

"Already having authored the best relationship material available, Emerson and Joy are shedding new light and deeper understanding about the Love and Respect thought process that will change your life.  Under the banner of The Illumination Project, this father/daughter team are now combining their brilliant observations with a unique style of ‘wisdom meets passion’ to bring our society some of the answers for which many of us have waited our whole lives."

Andy Andrews
New York Times Best-Selling Author of  The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer Returns

"Joy and her father are actually funny. That’s rare, and it makes what they say genuinely entertaining. I loudly applaud their insightful, personal, and humorous approach to the subject of singleness, dating and marriage for the next generation. There simply isn’t another study that artfully combines research, scripture, personal stories, and music -- not to mention a few wacky videos that could ruin Dr. Eggerichs’ credibility. Having a teenage daughter of my own, I am hugely grateful Joy created this project and believe it will help the next generation talk about marriage and it’s purpose right now, instead of with a divorce lawyer 20 years from now."

Eric Metaxas
Speaker and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"The Illumination Project by Joy Eggerichs is not only timely and desperately needed, but it is also biblical. The idea that the generation before can mentor and disciple the generation following is so rich and exciting. This is going to impact a huge number of lives. Great Stuff! Great Work!"

Dave Ramsey
New York Times Best-Selling Author and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

"My small group of twenty something women just finished week three of TIP last night, and I am LOVING it! The content is obviously great (way to relate to and entertain a group of easily jaded/skeptical/seen-it-all/overwhelmed twentysomethings!), the concepts are something we’re all wrestling through together, but the very best part is Joy’s encouragement to be multigenerational. We have about six older women who’ve rotated through our weekly gatherings, and that element is making this one of the BEST things I’ve ever been a part of! It’s really amazing. Having these women—from a woman who’s been married more than 50 years to a fiftysomething never-beenmarried woman to thirty- and fortysomething women with kids—listen, share their hearts and experiences, share their own illuminations and wrestle with the concepts and God’s truth alongside my girls is SO DARN AMAZING. For one, it takes pressure off me as the leader to ‘have all the answers’ (I’m 29 and have been married for six years... I barely know what I’m doing myself!). And the fact that these women from different places in life are getting to know one other, open up to each other, ugh.... there. just. aren’t. words."

Leigh Bay in Maryland

"The Illumination Project does a wonderful job making it clear that relationships are worth it, there is a way for them to work, and they don’t have to fail if both people know how to avoid pitfalls like the crazy cycle. And it was especially great knowing that it was all backed up by Biblical principles. There is a way that God intended for relationships to work, and it’s not even all that difficult to understand! It was incredibly encouraging, even for a single guy like me."

Kyle Frisch
Unmarried, 20s

"Starting this small group has allowed us to examine what our own church has on these subjects and, surprisingly enough, this message has been in our literature for decades. But [TIP] brought it into a modern, practical light."

Dennis and Jaylene Osena

"I think one of the best things about The Illumination Project, and getting the information out in an easy way for our generation to digest, is the value of that conversation coming to us in a way that we’re used to."

Ben Bohannan
Married, 20s 

"For one, as an artist, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness put into the design elements of The Illumination Project. Often design is left behind in the pragmatic work of content makers… leaving the program feeling irrelevantly dated in its communication. We are a visually driven culture, and design plays a vital role in the relaying of ideas and meaning. The Illumination Project not only brings us into content that we so desperately need to digest, but it gives it to us with a visual ‘spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.’ Bravo."

Scott Erickson
Visual Artist and Storyteller

"My group and I are loving this study and have had some amazing discussions because of it. Many of them are still wrestling with [the issue of unconditional love, grace and forgiveness], and I’m so excited to see some of the thoughts and lightbulb moments that are emerging because of it."

Megan Hopper

"The Illumination Project shines a warm light on the conversations that all of us should be having. The unique content offering and engagement style makes this a must have, must do resource. Get started now!"

Ken Coleman
Author of One Question: Life Changing Answers From Today’s Leading Voices

"I just appreciate so much Joy’s heart and her father’s heart and their ability to communicate generationally—even cover that generational gap—and draw together themes that are timeless but need to be communicated in a way that is going to speak to an audience that is already cynical, already skeptical."

Josh White
Musician and Pastor at Door of Hope in Portland, OR

"When it comes to dating and friendship, my Christian peers and I need all the wisdom we can get. Joy’s heart is to lead and encourage our generation, and I trust The Illumination Project will do just that."

Katelyn Beaty
Managing Editor at Christianity Today

"I dare you to find a small group study with a more beautiful, unexpected design (or stickers. Adults never get stickers anymore.) But it’s more than just a pretty face...I love that it was written with a diverse group in mind --both men and women, married and unmarried. It stirs up important conversations that we wouldn’t be having with each other, otherwise."

Lyndsay Rush
Copywriter, 30’s

"I hope it opened up eyes to the way that authority can truly speak into your life as a younger person and how to receive what that generation has to give us. Not only that, but the example of seeing a daughter listening to her father is beautiful. A lot of people have father issues or mother issues, but there are a lot of mentors or older people in the church who are looking to pour in, and I think the younger generation just needs to allow them. And not only allow them, but maybe encourage them when the older generation is shy or doesn’t think that they can."

Paul Ramey
Musician and Pastor at Imago Dei in Portland, OR

"We have seven participants aged 23 to 29. I would characterize the group as each a believer, but their levels of spiritual maturity and personal relationship with Jesus vary considerably. It was clear that our test group was ‘willing’ but more than a little bit apprehensive. This was new territory for them. We wondered if we’d be able to stimulate discussion afterward. Ha! The group couldn’t wait to comment! We’ll have more to share as the weeks move on, but, suffice it to say, we might be ‘on to something’ here."

Tom and Terri Vicarel
Westlake, Ohio

"I really didn’t get into the journal until week 3. I thought it was cute and I knew it had won awards, but I didn’t see the point. I had already committed to going to the dinners and to the group, why did I need to go through the book? But I was wrong. It is full of so many funny and good things—there will be something that speaks to you, a little gem that will reveal it truly was a good use of your time."

20s, single

"I’m a widower, so I guess you could say that I’ve been wounded. But I want to put myself out there and find love again, and going through this series is helping me with that.  Learning about the Crazy Cycle and the core reality of our most basic needs has been truly illuminating as I move forward in this new season of life."

50s, widower and dating

"I’ve seen the Crazy Cycle in my past, I’ve seen it in my own relationships, and I saw it in my parents’ relationship. I could never put my finger on it, though, and it scared me…Learning about this makes me so hopeful—hopeful that perhaps I won’t find myself in a relationship that ends up drifting away."

50s, dating
The Illumination Project is a six-week study by Joy Eggerichs, and her father Emerson Eggerichs (author of Love and Respect). The series captures a conversation between the two of them in front of a live audience as they tackle topics including:
  • Love and Respect as it relates to the generation of 18-35 year olds
  • Marriage, dating, singleness
  • Male/female relationships
  • Faith/Beliefs about God
  • Life’s wounds
  • Q&A
  • And much more…

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6 Video Sessions

*105 Page Journal Download Included

Sessions - 30 minutes of video approx., time for discussion, variety of suggestions for personal reflection

Footage of Portland-based artists, musicians

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Many prefer, encouraged as well, a physical journal to use alongside the videos 

105 Pages, personal questions, groups questions, space to write

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Frequently Asked Questions

Today, 18-35 year olds are faced with unique challenges as they navigate issues of faith, dating, marriage, and male/female relationships. Rooted in a desire that she and her peers would hunger and seek after truth regarding these shared life issues, Joy Eggerichs has created The Illumination Project (TIP)—a project that focuses on asking questions to gain wisdom from those who have gone ahead.
Joy and her father, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (author of the marriage book, Love & Respect), filmed TIP in front of a live audience in Portland, OR.  In the series, Joy shares her own stories and questions—believing they mirror those of her generation—and Emerson provides insight based on his own study and experiences. Together they hope their conversation will inspire wisdom, or Illumination, among this generation of young adults.
The filmed conversation is part of a six-week video series that is available on DVD and online streaming formats, along with accompanying journals (included as download for online version). As an added bonus, the series also includes a number of incredibly talented Portland-based artists and musicians who share their own creative illuminations (not to mention provide visual and audible ear candy). 
TIP is a tool for everyone 18 years and older. It addresses common questions among young adults—whether single, dating, married or divorced. In addition, TIP also serves as a resource for members of the older generation who wish to mentor young adults. Simply pushing “play” will get a discussion started.  Ideally, this series is designed for a small group context—comprised of young and old—but it can also be done among peers or independently. 
The Illumination Project boxed set is available for $107 (plus shipping)

Well, this is the mother of all questions, now isn’t it?
TIP combines Joy’s love of talking about God, relationships, art, music, and FOOD all into one place—it is a six-week series that explores common questions and issues people of her generation face today. Joy and her dad sat down in front of a live audience and had a candid conversation about faith, dating, marriage, and male/female relationships. Joy shared her own stories and questions—believing they mirror those of her generation—and her dad provided insight based on his own study and experiences. What resulted was TIP.
Each week includes approximately 30 minutes of video. You will receive suggestions for group discussion and various other ideas for personal reflection.
Joy’s greatest hope for this project is that this conversation will inspire more conversations and give you wisdom, or illumination, if you will. While the study can be done with people in similar life stages, ideally it can be used with singles, dating, engaged, newly married folks that fall into the approximately 18-35 age range, while inviting or initiated by an older person or couple who wants to be available for the younger generation. TIP is intended to bridge the gap between generations, believing we have so much to learn from those who’ve gone before us. Joy also truly believes that the older generation desires to mentor and create strong connections with the millennial generation but often feels like they aren’t equipped.
This is a perfect tool to equip anyone—from the older person who wants to mentor to the younger person who wants to connect with their peers. Can be done as a group or individually.

TIP is a study that is Biblically and scientifically based, but it is also full of personal stories and reflection. Not only from Joy and her father, but from other artists, writers, and musicians, as well.
While it’s not mandatory, it’s suggested that groups meet in a home and consider having dinner together. Mostly because Joy loves food, but also because she finds that the table is a perfect place for great conversation to happen naturally, as opposed to just diving into a video and then staring awkwardly at each other afterwards. (Although the topics talked about in the video usually take no time at all for discussion to start!) Think of TIP as just an excuse to have dinner discussions with friends.

All of the lessons. If you go through TIP, you will be a relationship genius.*
*Maybe. Just don’t let Joy be the gauge for what “success” looks like.

Yes, of course! Truth is truth, and each person, regardless of where they are at spiritually, will find things in this series that resonate with them. The Illumination Project is designed in a way that will be visually and conceptually appealing to lots of people.
This project hopes to create a safe, welcoming environment for those who may be wary of the church—because at the end of the day, everyone has opinions about two things: God and relationships. They’re at the core of who we are and what matters to us, regardless of what we believe about them. So at a minimum, TIP will get some great discussions going among you and your friends!

Yes, you should bother! Unlike the Love and Respect DVD series, which focuses heavily on applying the Love and Respect principles in a marriage, The Illumination Project is aimed to reach a broad audience—single, dating, married, divorced, young, old, in-between. It is simply the start of a conversation between two generations about faith, marriage, male/female relationships, and the like. The main Love and Respect principles are the foundation of this series, but not the entire framework.
In fact, spoiler alert, Joy spends a whole video session pushing back on a lot of the principles her dad wrote about in Love and Respect, hoping to gain clarity on some of the more sensitive issues.
Another spoiler alert, Emerson takes it like a champ.

While this online option is what many prefer, you’re really getting more bang for your buck by ordering the boxed set.
In one simple box, you’ll be fully equipped with everything you need to participate—physical journals (which can be purchased by those choosing the streaming option as well - downloadable pdf included), colored pencils, buttons, gold stars, coasters, DVDs…
…and a book of matches to light things on fire.

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Featured on The Dieline, the most visited website on package design in the world, February 2014 (

About the Designer: Russell Shaw is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator living in Atlanta. He seeks to apply a modern twist on old methods in graphic design – exploring the space between digital and analog and obsessing over every pixel and pica along the way. @RussRS

The real question is, who wouldn’t want all the extra stuff in the boxed set? The Gold Star Czar pin alone should be reason enough to gather your pennies and buy the box.

Even though the journal is included as a PDF with the online version, participants are really encouraged to still order a physical journal for themselves if they have not also purchased online access. By design, they will allow the people in the group to go much deeper after each meeting as they answer questions and work through all the wisdom Joy and her dad have imparted. There will always be people who feel comfortable sharing and processing in a group, but the journals will help those who need that space on their own, too.

No. TIP is ideally created as a small group study to be done with a diverse group of people, but you can go through the series as a large group in a church (maybe in one long evening or day like when it was filmed live), as a couple, with your peers, or by YOURSELF, which this online version makes very accessible.
Although, by yourself, the thumb war may be a little anti-climatic.

One of Joy’s biggest dreams for TIP is that it would be done with a diverse group of people. Usually small groups are done with like-minded people because as humans, we gravitate toward those who are our same age or who are in our same life stage—it is easy to relate to and do life with people who are traveling the same path as we are. But in that setting, it is also easy to fall into a “grass-is-greener” effect, becoming bitter or envious of people in other stages. It’s amazing how quickly we lose a sense of empathy and reality toward one another when we aren’t in relationship with them.
Regardless of where you are in your journey—single, dating, married, or divorced—you have something unique to contribute to this project. We have so much to learn from those walking different paths, and TIP builds on that important idea.


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