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The Crazy Cycle In Marriage

Congratulations on wanting to go further in your marriage. This resource will help you understand your reactions during marital conflict, and what to do at those moments. 


More than any other concept that I teach beyond the basics of Love and Respect, is the Crazy Cycle: Without love she reacts without respect and without respect he reacts without love.

Does this echo your experience?

Yes, a wife needs respect and a husband needs love but on a personal level, does the Crazy Cycle best represent your experience? Of the 7000 people we have surveyed, 83% of the men say they need to feel respected in conflict and 72% of the women share that they need to feel loved. If that describes you, I want to explain why a loving woman and an honorable man get on the Crazy Cycle.

Sarah, my wife, and I still get on the Crazy Cycle. But we have the tools to see when it is happening and quickly make an adjustment. And just one of us can stop the craziness.

Allow me to share the knowledge and skills we have gained over four decades on how to deal with the Crazy Cycle. Countless couples have been helped by this information, and I want you to be one of them!

With Love and Respect,

Emerson Eggerichs, PhD


"My husband and I ... were definitely on the crazy cycle.  We didn't know it until recognizing it after your explanation.  It was like a light bulb went off showing us what we were doing over and over again."

"My marriage is changed forever! I want to let men who are struggling know that they can change their marriage.  If you apply these principles, they will make a difference, my marriage is living proof."

"We were constantly on the Crazy cycle...but I started to act on some of your suggestions. I was amazed at the changes in our marriage."

"We were living in a continuous vicious crazy cycle! But I started applying what you advised to do.  It was like an epiphany."

"I’m a pastor and was looking for a DVD series to use with couples in pastoral counseling. I feel thrilled that I was able to get the Crazy Cycle 4 session series [online] to help them."

"...I thank you SO much for helping us to understand the concepts of love and respect. While I did not have great role models growing up, I am committed to showing my husband and sons the respect that they deserve as the men in our home. I have seen the love for myself and my daughter come around in multiplied amounts, which has made our home so much happier all around. Thank you for helping families to understand and be better. Also, thank you for helping us again to rely on God to help transform us! "

"Excellent videos. My husband and I have learned what causes us to get on the crazy cycle during conflict. That has been eye opening and an area for growth in our marriage. He is my ally, not my enemy."

What You Will Learn

Without Love a Wife Reacts Without Respect and Without Respect a Husband Reacts Without Love. Find out why couples keep spinning.

A wife needs both love and respect but lands most often on her need to feel loved, especially in conflict. Why? This video explains the reason. 

During conflict most husbands feel disrespected, not unloved. This video provides insight into the heart of men that everyone needs to know.

Keep having the same little (or large) argument over and over? Starting to feel crazy? Find out a few ways to lessen the insanity!


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